Why a company need catalog printing ?


Catalog printing is a printing based on pictures of our company product. There are seven main steps in traditional printing and online printing 
Steps for catalog printing:
1. Printing plan
The printing plan is aimed at making a perfect catalog printing project. For the printing method, the layout size, the subject matter of the printed matter, the details of the paper or printing, and even the relevant processing manufacturers, it is necessary to review the production processcarefully and specifically . Go online and complete the finished product.

2. Design and production schedule
According to the printing plan, copywriting, design, layout planning, etc., is the pre-operational procedure for the finished draft. And clients also need arrange the drawing of photographs and illustrations, and contacts the manufacturers to coordinate the scheduling between productions to make various elements all right.

3. Finished artwork (electronic final draft)
According to the first draft of the layout plan, the copy, photo and illustration, correct position and correct color mark, etc., are arranged on the finished manuscript paper or the manuscript is processed electronically, and the special requirements for the plate making are clearly indicated. Special requirements instructions, this is the pre-work of the plate making.

4.Find your best printing factory
Because you already have your final artwork ,so you can decide which factory will be the best for you from price to quality .
A good factory can achieve what you want and give you best serice .They can finish a perfect job for you .
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4. Production output and plate making operations
After the finished draft is finished, the picture is scanned by electronic color separation machine. The text and lines are photographed in black and white and machine, and the correct number of nets (printing dots) are punched out, and the texts, illustrations, etc. are imprinted according to the instructions on the finished manuscript. Then print the job, then print out the color proof and send it back to the designer's hand for proofreading. If the electronic final processing is required, the output center output negative film must be submitted. It is necessary to fill in the mountain work order or instruction sheet, clearly indicate the number of lines to be output, and the number of colors, monochrome pages, and whether there are any words and specifications. To avoid communication errors and cause unnecessary damage.?????
In recent years, CTP plate-making technology has been applied by more and more printing manufacturers in China, which has greatly reduced the cost of output film and film, and shortened the plate making time!

5. Sample before mass printing (checking)
This is the last step before mass printing. It is to check whether the color proof is in accordance with the procedures and to see if it is what you want. When there are color corrections and other corrections - be sure to use a red pen to write a specific easy-to-understand text description or position. Then ask your designer to change all.

6. Printing operations
The modified four-color mesh was transferred to a printing plate and sent to a printing machine, and the printing was started. If you want to get the ideal printed product on the printing press, you must first understand the printing factors. Because there are many variables that have a great impact on the printing quality, you must have a certain and sufficient understanding of these factors.

7 binding processing
Publicity (public relations) manuals, catalogues, brochures, etc., commonly known as DM, the last formality of printed matter, is binding processing, the general single-panel type is used for cutting, pressing, folding, etc. As for binding, it is based on The number of pages, the type of paper, the degree of exquisiteness, the way of use and the purpose.

8 Catalog function
The role of the catalog in corporate image promotion and product sales is becoming more and more important. In the long-distance commercial operation, catalogs plays the role of communication bridge. What do you do, what services can you provide, Where your strengths are, etc., can be statically displayed in front of your target consumer through a beautiful catalog. High quality catalogs are the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of a company or brand.
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